AfriCamps unveils new Waterberg site amid glamping boom

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AfriCamps, South Africa’s leading boutique glamping brand, will launch its most recent venture in August 2023 – a unique glamping site nestled in the scenic heart of Waterberg, South Africa.

This new addition is a timely response to the growing global interest in glamping and outdoor adventures, and an uptick in the trend of glamping, as holidaymakers gravitate towards more personal and natural alternatives to traditional travel.

AfriCamps, renowned for its commitment to redefining outdoor escapes, stands at the forefront of this trend, offering travellers an exclusive experience of wilderness combined with comfort.

AfriCamps was born out of the entrepreneurial ambitions of co-founders Jeroen van Rootselaar and Manou Bleumink, who each began their journeys in South Africa with humble endeavours – a home-share B&B and an internship agency, respectively. Their shared passion for the rich landscape and culture of South Africa soon morphed into the establishment of AfriCamps.

“We started AfriCamps with a vision, a sewing machine, and a dream to revolutionise the glamping experience in South Africa,” says CEO Jeroen van Rootselaar. “Our brand embodies a unique blend of adventure, comfort, and authenticity. We aim to deliver an unparalleled glamping experience that brings our guests closer to nature while ensuring they enjoy the comforts of a boutique hotel.”

The soon-to-be-launched Waterberg location continues AfriCamps’ tradition of combining rustic charm with modern convenience. Each boutique tent provides private bedrooms, a cosy lounge, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom, all adorned in chic boutique styling. On-site amenities such as a variety of game drives and tours, a semi-heated swimming pool, a volleyball court, and panoramic lookout decks promise to entertain guests of all ages, making this camp a perfect destination for families and groups of friends.

But AfriCamps isn’t just about glamorous camping; it’s about offering an immersive South African experience. “Our mission goes beyond offering just a place to stay,” explains van Rootselaar. “We want our guests to experience the real South Africa – to meet local farm owners, explore unique fauna and flora, and fall in love with our country just like we did.”

Looking ahead, AfriCamps has ambitious plans. They envision broadening their footprint across the Southern Africa region, with expressions of interest already coming from Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. “Our goal is to make AfriCamps the preferred glamping brand of Southern Africa,” adds van Rootselaar.

With each new camp, AfriCamps brings its unique brand of comfortable outdoor living to more people, continuing to build on its successful story of entrepreneurial determination, love for nature, and a commitment to sustainable tourism.