Air France to return to the Seychelles

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Air France is reintroducing its non-stop direct flights to Seychelles from October 31.

In the last couple of years since Air Seychelles discontinued its own service to Paris, the route had been left to JOON, the low-cost carrier of Air France. But the recent announcements about the future of JOON have prompted Air France to re-look at Seychelles once again.

The relaunch of Air France flights is a real benefit for the mid-ocean islands that are so dependent on tourism for their economy. France remains the main tourism source market for Seychelles. The private sector trade of the islands have invested millions over the years in that source market that knew Seychelles and that saw the tropical year-round destination as an ideal holiday spot.

The arrival of Air France is seen as a benefit for the Seychelles tourism industry. This news could not have come at a better time for Seychelles as it prepares for its annual participation at TOP RESA, the Paris Tourism Trade Fair in the coming weeks.

In 2009, Air France signed a first code-sharing agreement with the Seychelles national airline, which was relaunched in August 2015.