Airlink and Amadeus partner to boost growth and enhance the traveler experience

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Airlink adopts Amadeus solutions that will allow its customers to benefit from a better travel experience and improved efficiency as well as further support South Africa as a travel destination.

Airlines are facing the pressure of a fluid travel landscape with ever-changing border regulations and fluctuating passenger demand. This makes it vital for airlines to be agile and make quick, efficient and smart decisions. To this end, Airlink, a regional airline based out of Johannesburg, is partnering with Amadeus to implement the Amadeus Altéa Passenger Services System, including Inventory, Ticketing, Customer and Flight Management, E-commerce, Revenue Accounting and Revenue Management solutions.

With these solutions, Airlink can now personalize and streamline the passenger experience, offering faster and simpler booking and check-in, either at the airport with agents or kiosks, online, or through a mobile device. The airline will also be able to support customers throughout their journey by providing real-time, personalized alerts for flight changes, services or offers.

Furthermore, the Altéa suite will optimize Airlink’s processes and operations, allowing it to better manage its direct online and offline reservations and have a comprehensive and more accurate overview of its inventory. The airline will also be able to adapt its revenue management systems to fluctuating air travel demand in these unpredictable times and improve its revenue performance.

Amadeus’ Revenue Accounting solution will facilitate the reconciliation of all Airlink’s sales as well as simplifying inward and outward interline billing with partner airlines and improving sales auditing.

Airlink’s new Johannesburg-Cape Town and Johannesburg-Durban services, which are South Africa’s main two domestic routes, enable Airlink passengers to connect with other domestic, long-haul and regional flights on a single ticket. Earlier this year Airlink ended its long-term agreement with South African Airways and began operating and issuing its own tickets.

Rodger Foster, CEO and Managing Director for Airlink, says: “Although the past months have been incredibly difficult for the South African aviation and travel industry, Airlink has remained committed to offering its passengers the best possible experience. We believe our partnership with Amadeus will allow us to enhance the passenger experience even further. Partnering with Amadeus will help us better forecast changing market developments and passenger behavior.

Maher Koubaa, Executive Vice President of Airlines for the Middle East, Turkey & Africa

Maher Koubaa, Executive Vice President of Airlines for the Middle East, Turkey & Africa at Amadeus, adds: “We are very proud to announce this partnership with Airlink, expanding Amadeus’ footprint within the region. This partnership will offer the simplicity and flexibility that the airline’s customers need. We look forward to further continue our work with Airlink as we support the airline’s ambitions to grow its Southern Africa regional and domestic route network, with our simple, agile and open solutions.”