Bryte reinstates insurance cover on SAA tickets

SAA Abuja
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Bryte Travel Insurance has this afternoon (29 November), issued a statement saying that it “has reviewed its position) and will now continue to offer insolvency cover on SAA tickets.

Bryte together with other insurance companies this week announced that it would no longer offer insurance on SAA tickets due to uncertainty regarding the airline’s long term viability.

In its most recent statement Bryte said: “We have reviewed our position and our policies will respond as normal. This means that we continue to offer insolvency cover on SAA tickets and that our standard policy terms and conditions will apply.”

However in a separate statement to its customers, the Flight Centre Travel Group said that over the last month there have been several publications in the media regarding ongoing concerns in respect of the financial stability of South African Airways (“SAA”).

“On 27 November 2019, we were informed that our preferred Travel Insurance Provider and their underwriters, are no longer willing to cover SAA under their Travel Supplier Insolvency benefit, due to doubts concerning the long-term viability of the airline.

According to the group, they have been advised further that a number of other global insurers have taken a similar approach. In light of the above developments and the continuing concerns regarding SAA, Flight Centre Travel Group South Africa has made a decision to no longer sell SAA, until such time as we have obtained certainty in the market.

Clients will still be able to book tickets on SAA through Flight Centre however, it would strongly advise that alternative options are utilised until certainty regarding the airline’s long-term sustainability is obtained.