Check-In to the Trend: Solo women booking more Airbnb experiences than ever

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As women are increasingly opting to travel solo, at Airbnb, they are finding that women may be more eager to try new things and connect with locals compared to their male counterparts. According to Airbnb booking data from 2018 over 2017, solo female travelers are booking twice as many Airbnb Experiences as solo male travelers

Furthermore, women seem to favor experiences that provide a perhaps unknown side of a city, a sweat sesh, and an opportunity to tap into their inner creative genius.

Sharing below the top 10 Experience categories that saw the biggest growth in 2018 with solo female women: 

  • History (993%)
  • Entertainment (520%)
  • Nightlife (464%)
  • Nature (430%)
  • Sports (399%)
  • Wellness (393%)
  • Lifestyle (359%)
  • Arts (297%)
  • Food & Drink (296%)
  • Business (292%)

Airbnb recently linked up with writer, entrepreneur and globetrotter, Jessica Nabongo, in New York City to dig deeper into this trend. While travelling alone can be intimidating at first, it can be an empowering and exhilarating opportunity for women to meet locals and fellow travellers while trying something they’ve always wanted to.