Corporate Traveller releases expert travel guide on how to rebuild a corporate travel programme

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Corporate Traveller has released a comprehensive and expert travel guide focussing on removing the confusion and guesswork from their clients’ travel programme decisions.

The guide forms part of the second in a range of pledges dedicated to helping companies get their travel programme safely off the ground backed by comprehensive support and expert advice.

Oz Desai, GM Corporate Traveller, says: “Our experts have collated a comprehensive guide with information and advice. From assessing the wellbeing of your travellers to stopping travel booking leakage, Corporate Traveller takes companies through the steps for restarting their travel programmes, helping them move forward with confidence.”

In this comprehensive guide, Corporate Traveller outlines four clear focus areas:

  1. Traveller Safety and Wellbeing
  2. Travel Policy Updates
  3. Travel Risk
  4. The Travel Manager’s Checklist
expert travel guide

Prioritise safety and wellbeing

Before COVID-19, only 16% of companies proactively managed traveller wellbeing. Today, traveller wellbeing should be at the forefront of every travel programme.

Desai explains: “Travel managers and bookers therefore need to take a ‘people first’ approach to restarting their travel programme. This includes assessing and understanding traveller readiness and sentiment, conducting a duty of care review, and equipping travellers with information and resources to support them.”

Update your travel policy

In a recent survey of 1,600 business travel managers, bookers and travellers around the globe, the majority revealed that their travel policies needed updating post-COVID-19. But while most agreed that changes were needed, over a quarter (28%) were unsure what exactly needed to change.

Corporate Traveller will help companies optimise their travel policy with a focus on flexibility, health & safety, travel expectations and travel data.

Manage your travel risks

It’s no longer enough for companies to simply know where their travellers are. COVID-19 put even the most robust travel risk management plans to the test and revealed how essential it is to have thorough procedures in place.

Desai says: “A good risk management plan will protect your travellers should they fall ill or get caught out by changing airline, hotel and immigration procedures and restrictions. The Corporate Traveller team will help create a robust travel risk management plan.”

Travel Manager checklist

Once companies have updated their travel policy, reviewed their duty of care and got the green light to restart travel, they need to make sure the first trips go smoothly. That is why Corporate Traveller has compiled a handy checklist for travel managers.

Desai concludes: “Booking travel during COVID-19 can be stressful, which is why having the support of a Travel Management Company is a necessity. Our expert team knows your traveller and organisational preferences. Our consultants are also backed by the strength and support of our global networks. This allows us to support your travellers in ways that other TMCs can’t.”

The Corporate Traveller guide is available here.