FCM Launches HUB – gateway to next-generation technology solutions

2 min read

FCM Travel Solutions has unveiled ‘HUB’ as the innovative new gateway to its next-generation suite of interconnected technology solutions, FCM Connect.

HUB gives travel managers, bookers and travellers access to multiple tools and resources via a single sign-on connection, including pre-trip approval, booking, traveller tracking and reporting. The new HUB interface is designed for easy interaction and can be accessed via PC, tablet or mobile device.

HUB’s dashboard can be personalised in design and configuration for use by travel bookers, managers or travellers, giving each user visibility of the information that is relevant to them.

For example, manager level view presents a range of embedded reports for quick reference as well as traveller tracking and risk information. Managers can easily drill down by clicking on HUB’s interface to access Connect’s reporting and analytics tools for more comprehensive data.

For travellers, the HUB dashboard shows personal travel stats and a quick view of current booked travel, pending requests, approved requests and recent invoices. Profile management is synchronised with GDS and booking tools so that the traveller is prompted to update missing or out of date information.

And the travel booker’s version of HUB’s dashboard clearly displays travellers’ requests and bookings. Bookers also have the ability to adopt the travellers’ view and access the traveller dashboard to streamline booking processes.

In addition, customised tiles can be enabled at organizational level giving all users easy links via the HUB dashboard to resources such as travel advice, visa and passport information and travel health alerts.

“HUB has been designed to make the process of business travel easier, more effective and more enjoyable for the user, whether you are a travel manager, booker or traveller,” said Euan McNeil, FCM Travel Solutions South Africa GM. “This complete travel resource streamlines travel information, management, booking, reporting and safety all in one place, improving the user’s online experience significantly and driving greater efficiency across the board.”