Flight Centre Travel Group RSA repositions Flight Centre Business Travel and Corporate Traveller for post-COVID growth

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Flight Centre Travel Group RSA today announced the integration of the wholly-owned Flight Centre Business Travel brand into the award-winning global Corporate Traveller brand.

Corporate Traveller currently operates in seven markets globally: USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and India. The brand was established in South Africa in  1999 and has become South Africa’s leading Travel Management Company dedicated to the SME market. Flight Centre Business Travel was introduced in 2012 as a service offering for the smaller SMME client.

Andrew Stark, MD of the Flight Centre Travel Group

According to Andrew Stark, MD of the Flight Centre Travel Group, the COVID-19 pandemic has fast-tracked the need for technology and digital transformation: “In a recent survey, over half our customers indicated the value of having a mobile app for their corporate travel needs during these unprecedented times. They further made reference to an increased need for online booking tools as well as for reporting and traveller tracking needs. Therefore, a decision has been made to merge FCBT into the innovative Corporate Traveller brand.”

For Stark, it is an exciting time: “We’re bringing two powerful brands within the Flight Centre Travel Group together in one formidable offering. This focussed and technology-enhanced approach gives the SME market access to highly-personalised solutions, mobile tracking and security, instant reporting, flexibility and the security of a listed global travel brand which is locally connected.”      

Through this merger, FCBT customers will have full access to the broad range of Corporate Traveller technology, including Your.CT, a travel management platform that was created specifically with the SME customer in mind, and that is backed by the expertise and assistance of dedicated travel experts. The platform offers travellers and travel managers access to pre-trip approval, booking options, profile management, traveller tracking, travel alerts and reporting.

The award-winning mobile app SAM :] also becomes available to all customers under the consolidated Corporate Traveller brand. Stark believes that for travellers today, 24/7 availability is not just a convenience, it is a necessity: “Mobile apps like SAM:] are quickly becoming the best solutions for around-the-clock service, as they are programmed to deliver reliable and personalised responses. SAM :] is programmed to keep travellers updated at all times, from weather updates at the destination to information on the traveller’s departure gate, flight time changes and where to collect baggage. The power of technology is changing the very nature of corporate travel, making it feel more like leisure travel with a smarter focus.”

Oz Desai, General Manager FCBT and Corporate Traveller

Oz Desai, General Manager FCBT and Corporate Traveller, says: “The experience and global infrastructure of Corporate Traveller alongside the passion and personalisation of Flight Centre Business Travel will further enhance our offering to our loyal customers. The merger brings together 100 senior dedicated travel managers, who each have no less than 7 years’ experience. I’m excited to lead the largest team of travel experts dedicated to the SME customer. Corporate Traveller’s innovative technological offering combined with this team of passionate travel professionals is the perfect blend of personalised, dedicated travel management and technology.” 

The Flight Centre Travel Group understand the importance of effective change management. That is why we have created a simple, smooth implementation process that will support customers throughout the merger. All our customers can rest assured that they will continue to deal and interact with their own dedicated Travel Manager and support teams, who are all excited about the possibilities the merger brings.

As a global brand, Corporate Traveller has and will continue to invest in exciting and ground-breaking technology roadmaps to enhance its offering to customers globally. Over the past year, the brand has invested millions into Silicon Valley technology solutions that are expected to transform the corporate travel landscape. As business travel has started gaining momentum and has started seeing increased demand, Corporate Traveller is excited and energised to be able to offer all its customers a more streamlined and focussed approach to corporate travel with a larger team of skilled travel experts.