Hahn Air distributes Airbus’ corporate shuttle service in Amadeus

shuttle service
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Hahn Air enables the booking of Airbus’ corporate shuttle flights in Amadeus under the Hahn Air Lines designator HR. Tickets can be issued by Airbus’ travel agents on the Hahn Air HR-169 ticket.

All Airbus corporate shuttle flights are exclusively offered for Airbus staff. Hahn Air serves as the validating and marketing carrier, while the flights are operated by three other European carriers. They currently offer a total of five connections: Between Hamburg-Finkenwerder (XFW) and Toulouse (TLS), between Chester (CEG) and Toulouse via Bristol (BRS), as well as between Augsburg (AGB) and Marseille (MRS).

Hahn Air provides Airbus with a complete distribution and handling package, including displaying the inventory in the GDS, booking and ticketing processes, reporting and passenger handling at all relevant airports.

“As we have the know-how and the systems’ infrastructure in place, it is only a logical next step for us to support corporations and make their intra-company flights available in the GDSs”, says Mathieu Montmessin, Vice President Product & Airline Distribution. “Since 1999, Hahn Air has specialised in offering indirect distribution solutions for airlines of any business model.

As the market leader in the industry, we are facilitating ticket sales between airlines and 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets. Our connectivity to all major GDSs and almost all BSPs worldwide and our network of interline partners, which is the largest in the world, makes us the natural choice for intra-company shuttle flight distribution. We are pleased and honoured to be able to announce this new partnership with Airbus.”