New EcoPod camp to open in a Remote Seychelles Atoll

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Blue Safari Seychelles is preparing to open a unique, sustainable eco-camp on one of the most remote atolls in the Seychelles.

The new offering, which will be made up of eight sustainable eco pods created from sympathetically restored shipping containers, will be located on Wizard Island in Cosmoledo.

Blue Safari Seychelles said in a statement that the project “aims to promote conservation of the outer atolls through low-impact eco-tourism projects” that conserve and protect the area’s natural resources.

A cluster of about 21 islands, Cosmoledo Atoll is about 560 nautical miles from the Seychelles’ main island of Mahe.

Until recently, the atoll, known for its pristine wilderness and rich biodiversity including marine turtles, nesting birds and prolific amounts of fish; has remained entirely uninhabited.

Visitors can fully immerse themselves in nature, kayak, paddle board and snorkel with a chance to be among the first to experience some previously undiscovered coral reefs and dive sites.

The new property is being designed to allow guests to reconnect with nature while respecting it, the company said.

“The entire eco-camp can be completely removed without any footprint – each eco pod has been exceptionally designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing guest comfort,” according to statement from Blue Safari Seychelles.

Highlights of the eco-camp include:

— Local woods and a palette of soft neutrals ensuring that each pod blends seamlessly with the sand, surrounding palm trees and dune shrubs.

— Fully retractable front walls that reveal the ocean and provide access to cooling sea breezes

—Old tree trunks have been repurposed at the camp to be used as tables and fishing nets as hanging lamps.

— Healthy Seychellois Creole cuisine including fresh line-caught fish and vegetables grown on nearby Alphonse Island

“The camp is completely eco-friendly with the eco-pods sitting on precast plinths rather than cement slabs. All the amenities are eco-friendly, and all cleaning products are fully biodegradable. The entire eco-camp can be completely removed without any footprint. It is temporary, and we have chosen the best possible position where there are no nesting birds,” said owner Keith Rose-Innes.

The new camp is slated to begin welcoming guests this month.