New glamping treks launched in Tanzania for 2019

Lake Natron Camp
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After 5 years of product development, the Lake Natron team is excited to announce two new ‘glamping’ treks featuring new camps in Tanzania. The new camps are being prepared and tested for release in January 2019.

The are two separate trekking routes of two nights each, can be combined with Lake Natron Camp as the fulcrum to create a complete week of trekking, ending in Nasera Rock.

The first trek, “The Great Rift Valley Trek” will see visitors trek from Empakai Crater to Lake Natron featuring Lake Natron’s Empakai Camp (Empakai crater rim) and Leonotis Camp (mid way down the rift valley) and is the ideal link from Ngorongoro to Natron.

The “Walking in the footpsteps of early man” is a trek back through millennia of evolution from the relatively recent hominid footprints right by Lake Natron Camp, all the way to Olduvai, commonly known as “one of the most important paleoanthropology sites in the world” and home to evidence of our earliest ancestors.

Visitors can ultimately choose between a total of six nights’ trekking or select either trek separately. Each camp location and design is being targeted at guests that are looking for an off the beaten track experience, entirely respectful of the environment, and yet just enough comfort to ensure a superlative well balanced adventure. These treks can be booked in the 2018 seasons under existing “expedition camping specification”