SAA flights disrupted – what you need to know – UPDATE

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UPDATE (26 APR 14:37): SAA granted interdict against striking cabin crew

The Johannesburg Labour Court has granted SAA an interdict against striking SA Cabin Crew Association (Sacca) members, Sacca has confirmed.

SAA applied to have its striking cabin crew staff return to work immediately.

According to a report on News24, SAA’s affidavit said that the strike was unprotected and it requested that an order be granted by the court to restrain employees from participating in the strike. The application also requests that an order be made for Sacca to restrain from encouraging and promoting participation in the strike.

Sacca is awaiting the paperwork of the interdict before giving further comments on a possible way forward.

So far, four domestic SAA flights have been cancelled this morning and two flights have been delayed as the airline’s cabin crew members embarked on a strike.

Christopher Shabangu, Deputy President for the South African Cabin Crew Association (SACCA), told Inside Travel that the union is striking over crew members’ meal allowances which have remained stagnant for the past six years.

He said: “For the past six years, meal allowances have been stagnant for cabin crew members at US$131 (R1 720), whereas pilots have received yearly increases. We are going to the same destinations, the same hotels and the same restaurants. Why are they entitled to increases and we aren’t? We are now asking for $170 (R2 232), although we are ready to negotiate this amount.”

According Shabangu, last month, SAA offered to pay crew members $145 (R1 904) last month in an attempt to resolve the dispute. However, today the airline is only offering a $6 (R78) increase.

Shabangu said SACCA is preparing to go to court to fight an interdict request by SAA to stop the strike.

How long will the strike last?

Shabangu explains most of the union members are striking today, so the impact will likely be considerable. “We are therefore hoping to come to a resolution quite quickly,” he said

Where can you find more information on delayed and cancelled flights?

Travellers have been advised to visit the airline’s website for regular updates on possible flight delays.

More information about arrivals and departures can also be found on

What if your flight has been cancelled?

SAA is advising travellers whose flights have been cancelled to make their way to the airport. Travel support will be provided to customers who may experience flight delays or cancellations that may occur during this period.

Inside Travel will update the article as and when more information becomes available.