Scheduled flights in the works from Newcastle

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The municipality of Newcastle in KwaZulu Natal has confirmed that it is planning to launch scheduled flights from the destination to Johannesburg.

According to Ferdie Alberts, the Director: Economic Development at the Newcastle Municipality, flights will be operated from the new New Castle Airport, a R36 million European Union funded project. The new development will also incorporate a technology hub.

He said that current plans are to launch by March 2018, with two daily flights operating to and from Johannesburg. Alberts added that currently, the 35 minute flight is mainly directed at business travellers who do not want to drive three hours to Johannesburg. He added though that, there are plans to launch flights to Durban- another big travel destination for locals. However, “nothing is set in stone as yet”.

The municipality is currently in talks with four major airlines, to be their official carriers.