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In a significant move towards fostering sustainability and responsibility in its tourism sector, Seychelles has officially become a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).
The GSTC is a global network of like-minded individuals and organisations that are committed to promoting sustainable tourism practices worldwide. Seychelles’ entry into this network signifies its commitment to learning from the experiences of other nations and share its own sustainable practices, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future for the entire tourism industry.

Speaking about the GSTC membership, Mrs Sherin Francis, Principal Secretary for Tourism, stated that it is not simply a membership for Seychelles but rather a declaration of the destination’s continued commitment to sustainable tourism, as Seychelles advances its sustainability efforts with the recent introduction of the Sustainable Seychelles brand.

“We are pleased to be part of a global network of like-minded people that are committed to the same ideals and the development of a more moral and ethical tourism sector. We also aim to learn more about what other nations are doing and to inspire and educate people on how to make positive changes in their communities and contribute to a more sustainable future through sharing our sustainable experiences.”

The Seychelles Sustainable Tourist Label (SSTL), a sustainable tourism management and certification initiative operating for the past ten years, was designed to encourage more efficient and sustainable business practises. It serves as the foundation of the new local brand, known as the Sustainable Seychelles brand.

The Sustainable Seychelles brand aims to elevate sustainability in Seychelles to unprecedented heights, with a shared goal of preserving the destination for future generations. With a focus on harmony and shared responsibility, the brand seeks to offer a thorough road map for implementing and advancing sustainable practises throughout the travel and tourism sector and adjacent industries. Through encouraging collaboration and active participation, the brand hopes to ensure that Seychelles remains a consistently clean and environmentally conscientious travel destination.

By joining GSTC, Seychelles strengthens its dedication to sustainable tourism and gains access to a global network of resources and expertise that will help the destination achieve its sustainability goals.

Randy Durband, CEO of GSTC, expressed delight at the inclusion of the Seychelles Ministry of Tourism as a member of GSTC. “Tourism, when approached with a vision of sustainability, has the potential to be a beacon of positive transformation, igniting local economic progress and bridging global communities with understanding. We wish Seychelles the best of success in its journey towards sustainable tourism.”

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