Take the KLM Bus from Enschede, Hengelo or Apeldoorn

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As of 1 July, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will expand its KLM Bus network with a service connecting Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with Apeldoorn, Hengelo and Enschede. Travellers will be able to book an air ticket from these cities via Schiphol to all 165 KLM destinations, as well as those of KLM partners such as Air France and Delta Air Lines.

Passengers who wish to make use of the KLM Bus can book their air ticket from Enschede, Hengelo or Apeldoorn to one of the 165 destinations served by KLM. Their air ticket will also be valid aboard the KLM Bus. This service is already available for travellers heading to and from Schiphol out of Maastricht, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Arnhem and the surrounding areas.


The free bus service is available seven days a week, twice daily on the Enschede-Hengelo-Apeldoorn-Schiphol line. The buses are clearly recognisable in the familiar KLM livery, which also features the KLM100 logo, marking KLM’s centenary on 7 October this year. The bus will pick up passengers at the main station in all three cities, bringing them to Departure Hall 2 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The bus is also suitable for passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility, and young children can make the trip without a special seat. You will find the timetable here: KLM.nl/busservice. All services are operated by Munckhof.“

Every year, close to 30,000 passengers make use of the KLM Bus, and their number is growing. Passengers are very enthusiastic about this service, which is why we decided to open a line connecting Enschede, Hengelo and Apeldoorn with Schiphol, offering passengers living in and around those cities a swift and easy way to get to Schiphol and their chosen destination.

Harm Kreulen, Directeur KLM Nederland„

Sustainable and comfortable

The KLM Bus service is free of charge and will be powered with advanced GoodFuels biofuel from 10 July, which is made from 100% certified waste and rest materials. This means it has no negative impact on food production, land use and deforestation. By using the climate neutral KLM Bus, passengers save themselves the cost of a train ticket or petrol for their car, as well as the additional cost of parking at the airport. There is also free Wi-Fi aboard the bus, as well as coffee, tea, water and KLM’s Holland Herald magazine to make the trip complete. If the bus is delayed on route, KLM will rebook passengers to alternative transport free of charge.

KLM Bus timetable

Passengers have 20 minutes to board the KLM Bus at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Enschede. At the intermediate stops in Apeldoorn and Hengelo, passengers will have several minutes to get on or off the bus.

 Busnumber EnschedeHengelo Apeldoorn Schiphol
 Busnumber SchipholApeldoorn Hengelo Enschede