The more, the merrier on Livingstone Island

Livingstone Island
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Livingstone Island is now able to accommodate 24 visitors, instead of only 16 per slot, made possible by two twin-engine boats, additional tents and a bigger team.

According to Tongabezi Lodge, the timings of each slot have not changed, and guests will still enjoy the feeling of privacy and luxury that they have before, but now eight more people will be able to follow in the footsteps of David Livingstone with each group.

According to Tongabezi Lodge’s website, David Livingstone first got a glimpse of the Victoria Falls after being canoed across to this Livingstone Island.

Currently Tongabezi offers five trips a day to Livingstone Island.

On the island visitors will be given a guided tour, where they will learn about its history from ancient times when it served as a sacrificial site to the present day and its World Heritage status.

Livingstone Island is also famous for its infinity pool, one of the most astounding natural pools to be found anywhere. Devil’s Pool has a reputation for attracting thrill-seekers from the far corners of the earth. It offers daring swimmers the chance to experience the ultimate delight: peering over the brim of the largest curtain of falling water in the world. What is less well known is how effortless this life-changing adventure is. Just a short swim from Livingstone Island, Devil’s Pool is thrilling but completely safe. Guided tours to Livingstone Island have a 100% safety record and guides accompany visitors at all times to offer a hand and share fun facts.

Devil’s Pool is open during the drier months of the year, usually between mid August and mid January, when the Zambezi water levels are low enough for swimmers to take the plunge.