TM Reworked appointed official DISC Analysis Distributor in South Africa

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The pandemic environment has not been kind to business teams, who’ve been forced to restructure, resize and adapt due to the changing demands, which have in turn led to a change in team dynamics.

Business leaders are faced with trying to meet the changing demands of their external stakeholders and a workforce that may now be working from home, in different roles, and dealing with pressures that may not have existed pre-pandemic.

As we settle into this new dynamic, an investment in stabilising and strengthening the dynamics of your teams is critical, says Teresa Richardson, Certified Behavioural Consultant with TM Reworked.

Richardson advocates the use of the DISC analysis to achieve this. “DISC is a personality analysis that helps customers understand their team dynamics better and brings teams together in a much more profound and sustainable way than other forms of team building,” says Richardson.

Teresa Richardson, Certified Behavioural Consultant

TM Reworked has just been appointed the official distributor of DISC in South Africa, which Richardson says the organisation will leverage to help businesses become more productive through better self-awareness and inter-personal communication.

“Businesses that look to improve productivity after a natural dip in motivation in this pandemic environment will find the DISC analysis an immense asset. Naturally, through providing a better understanding of oneself and one’s colleagues, the DISC analysis encourages personal growth and unlocks inner strengths that boost team spirit and self-motivation,” Richardson says.

PeopleKeys® Inc., the official provider of DISC worldwide says it is “excited” to expand their global reach in the African market. Says Dr Bradley Smith, PeopleKeys® Inc. President: “Teresa is a Certified Behavioural Consultant and has a passion for human behaviour and motivating teams and business leaders to discover and enhance their workplace strengths.

“TM Reworked” is the first PeopleKeys® Official DISC provider partner with an online DISC store in South Africa and Africa as a whole that offers a full gamut of highly validated and reliable PeopleKeys® online products, including PeopleKeys® 4-dimensions of personality (4D) report that measures 1,440 points of behavioural success. ” 

TM Reworked will leverage the tool to assist businesses to strengthen workforces, build strong and productive teams (by reducing conflict), and create a robust talent management strategy. For companies in the sales sector, the DISC analysis assists with learning how to sell by behaviour and teaches how different personalities purchase differently.