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Top 10 Schengen countries that received most short-stay visa applications in 2017


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For yet another year, France tops the table for having received more applications for short-term visas than any other Schengen country, according to the Schengen Visa statistics for consulates in 2017, published by the Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission.

Schengen visa

418,485 more people applied for a Schengen short-term visa to France past year compared to 2016 when France consulates around the world had received 3,265,919 visa applications.

Out of the overall short-term visa applications received, France issued 3,161,274 visas, 965,661 of which were multiple-entry short-term visas.

Germany follows France as the second in the list, having approved 1,857,770 vias out of the 2,049,055 visa applications its consulates around the world received, and Italy listed as the third with 1,703,693 visas issued out of 1,850,260 applications received. Both countries were in the same positions in 2016 as well.
Spain remains the fourth in the list once again with 40,428 more applications than the previous year, with 615,897 visas issued among others.

The six other countries out of the top ten that received most applications, are as follows:

Greece – 981,091 visas issued out of 1,029,564 received applications
Finland – 814,047 visas issued out of 827,520 received applications
Poland – 789,343 visas issued out of 823,101 received applications
Czech Republic – 594,225 visas issued out of 623,255 received applications
Netherlands – 550,910 visas issued out of 621,431 received applications
Switzerland – 451,528 visas issued out of 517,010 received applications
Schengen countries with most MEVs issued
However, statistics change when it comes to the number of multiple-entry visas (MEVs) issued. The table is topped by Germany, followed by Italy having issued most visas of this type, leaving France in the third position, just above Greece, Finland and Spain.

A total of 8,677,376 multiple-entry visas were issued within 2017, with Iceland at the end of the table having issued only 5082 multiple-entry uniform visas.

The numbers for the five countries that issued most multiple-entry visas are as follows:

Germany – 1,525,361
Italy – 1,229,938
France – 965,661
Greece – 776,529
Finland – 729,559
Germany and Switzerland issued most LTV visas in 2017
As for Limited Territorial Validity visa applications, Germany and Switzerland once again topped the table in this regard, with the first issuing 34,892 visas of this type and the latter issuing 28,018. On the other hand, while France issued 4,190 LTV visas in 2017, the numbers lowered in 2017, with around 600 less LTV visas issued.

Germany and Switzerland are followed by countries which issued way less Limited Territorial Validity visas as follows:

Greece – 8504 LTV visas issued
Austria – 5419 LTV visas issued
Sweden – 5177 LTV visas issued
Italy – 4,845 LTV visas issued
Spain – 4,338 LTV visas issued
France – 3,477 LTV visas issued
Slovenia – 3285 LTV visas issued
Norway – 2,844 LTV visas issued

Jeanette Briedenhann
Jeanette Briedenhann
Jeanette Phillips joined the team in 2016. She developed a passion and love for all things-travel related in her role as travel journalist, a position she held for over seven years. A brief exodus into the corporate marketing sphere proved that there is no better industry than the travel industry. Research and writing are two of Jeanette’s greatest passions, but she is always open to new challenges and different ways of doing things.

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