Trafalgar launches 2020 Europe and Britain trips at 2019 prices

Europe and Britain trips
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Trafalgar, a member of The Travel Corporation, has launched its Europe and Britain pre-sale specials for travel in 2020, enabling travel agent partners to offer customers an opportunity to travel in 2020 at 2019 prices for a limited time. Offers are immediately available.

This month’s revelation that South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has decreased by 3,2%, the largest decline the country has experienced since the international financial crisis ten years ago, had a significant impact on the market and, immediately, the rand weakened by 20 cents against the US dollar.

“For rand-weary South Africans planning to travel this year and next, the rate of exchange can possibly derail their travel plans,” says Teresa Richardson, Managing Director of The Travel Corporation in South Africa. “However, travel agents can suggest guided holidays to their clients, which offer even greater value for money in destinations such as Europe and Britain, where the exchange rate can easily cause D-I-Y independent holiday expenses to skyrocket.”

Adds Richardson: “Trafalgar is already seeing an increase in the number of enquiries for travel next year. We decided to launch pre-sale Europe and Britain offers now, on offer for a limited period only, to help agents and their clients save and lock down 2020 bookings now.”

Clients can book a 2020 guided holiday at current 2019 pricing (and note that Trafalgar’s 2019 pricing was decided in 2018, meaning even more value) and avoid inflation rate increases and market changes that could cause the cost of their 2020 holiday to be much higher.

“If the price of the holiday goes up, clients don’t need to worry, as they’ve already paid. If the price goes down, we’ll reimburse the difference,” adds Richardson.

“Coupled with Trafalgar’s rand guarantee, which fixes the rand price of the holiday no matter what the rand does, it provides the agent with peace of mind. They won’t be hassled with paperwork and need to re-quote while ensuring their customer doesn’t need to pay more for their holiday if the exchange rate fluctuates.”

Travellers also benefit from securing their seat on the trips they want, especially those which traditionally sell-out quickly each year.

“Trafalgar is opening up sales for 2020 Europe and Britain trips earlier this year than we have done before, allowing clients who book early to save and to avoid disappointment by locking down the trip and dates of their choice,” Richardson concludes.

In addition to the Europe & Britain pre-sale offer, Trafalgar is promoting deals for last-minute 2019 holidays with a September on Sale special providing up to 15% off selected European itineraries.