Trafalgar launches Africa holidays

Trafalgar launches Africa holidays
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Africa features for the first time in 72 years in Trafalgar’s programme of extraordinary ways to discover the world.

With 10 hand-crafted trips to nine countries, Trafalgar’s new Africa programme is designed to connect travellers with the continent’s natural landscapes, indigenous cultures and historic cities through a range of “only with Trafalgar” experiences that will showcase Africa in a way that only Africans can understand.

Says Gavin Tollman, CEO of Trafalgar: “When we speak to travellers, Africa is always very high on their wish-list. It is my hope that by having an iconic brand like Trafalgar and the legacy of the Tollman family coming together as one, guests can experience this extraordinary continent in a powerful way and with absolute ease.

“From the moment guests go on holiday to the moment they leave, Trafalgar has taken care of absolutely everything. The Trafalgar difference lies not only in our expertise in defining the itineraries, but also in the way we deliver them.”

The collection reveals the people, places and experiences that Trafalgar has carefully curated across South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Botswana and are aimed at revealing the diversity of the destinations, giving travellers the freedom to enjoy the good life with all the essentials taken care of.

“We looked at the destination itself and how we could connect people, from the experiences we have to the places we stay. I want our guests to hear the story of how the Tollmans came to own the Oyster Box and the role it played in the romance between a young Stanley and Bea, who proclaimed over dinner that they would one day own the hotel – decades later, that dream became a reality.”

Guests will uncover the stories behind the destination, from sharing coffee and vetkoek with a Damara family in Namibia to joining the De Waal family at their Stellenbosch winery for a traditional Cape lunch, wine tasting and insights into their family history.

Tourism for Tomorrow

Trafalgar actively supports tourism for good and has been committed to investing in local communities and safeguarding the environment of the destinations it visits, working in conjunction with its TreadRight foundation. It has forged a series of partnerships with sustainable projects in Africa such as the Wilderness Wildlife Trust in Botswana, The Cape Leopard Trust, Endangered Wildlife Trust and the Bushmans Kloof Rock Art in South Africa.

One such initiative guests will be exposed to the Kenya’s Shangilia Children’s Home, with each Trafalgar visit supporting the home’s efforts to transform the lives of the orphaned, abandoned and neglected children who have found sanctuary here. Another is the Hima Project in Namibia, where Trafalgar guests contribute directly to the trust which is used for food and other necessities for the community.

Says Tollman: “When travellers journey to other parts of the world, it’s an opportunity not only to engage with the locals, but also to help someone. Our guests have an opportunity to contribute directly to these initiatives through our visit.”

New in Trafalgar’s 2019 Africa programme are:

● African Safari Adventure
● Best of South Africa
● Namibia Explorer
● Victoria Falls Experience
● Botswana Delta Experience
● Essence of South Africa

“I’m really hoping that we give our travellers an opportunity to see Africa and finish their time there with absolute joy. Because Africa is one of those places, when you leave it, you understand the very reason we travel.”