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A sneak peak behind the scenes of the Travel Practitioners ID Card launch in Nigeria


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Today, 26 June, marks the official Travel Practitioners ID Card Launch NTPIC in Lagos.

NANTA shared a sneak peak of the conference room ahead of the event.

The ID card is expected to thoroughly sanitise the Nigerian travel industry, which is currently struggling with a great number of fraudulent operators. According to NANTA’s website, more than 40% of Nigerian travellers have already fallen victim to unregistered and fraudulent travel agents.

For more information on the ID Card, check out our recent article, Everything Nigerian Travel Agents need to know about the Travel Practitioners ID Card in which Inside Travel  chatted to NANTA CEO Bernard Bankole to get some more information about the ID card.

Dorine Reinstein
Dorine Reinstein
Dorine Reinstein is a seasoned travel writer and editor, who is passionate about retail travel as well as inbound tourism. She has written for award-winning publications. Dorine has completed her Honours Degree in English and Dutch Literature in Belgium as well as her Honours Degree in Drama in France. When moving to South Africa, she obtained her Advanced Journalism Diploma in Johannesburg. She has a knack for languages and can write effortlessly in English, Dutch and French.

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