Tropical cyclone Berguitta: Air Mauritius moves flights forward

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Air Mauritius has confirmed that in light of Tropical Cyclone Berguitta and following the latest weather reports, that it has taken the decision to pre-pone the following flights for today (all timings local):

All other flights departing from Mauritius today are maintained as scheduled.

The following flights that were due to land in Mauritius tomorrow 17 Jan have been indefinitely delayed: MK045 from Paris, MK749 from Mumbai, MK683 from Chengdu, MK681 from Guangzhou, MK441 from Perth, MK647 from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, MK846 from Durban, MK852 from Johannesburg.

Information about flight disruptions are being conveyed to the public through regular communications in the media, through communiques, on the company website and through our SMS service. To access this service please send an SMS on 52559090. Type the ‘flight number’ – ‘space’ – ‘flight date’ (MKXXX DDMM).