Uber launches new safety toolkit

Safety toolkit
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Uber has introduced new safety features for customers and drivers in South Africa.

The company announced earlier this week that it has introduced Safety Toolkit, aimed at reducing the risk of using the app.

The new features are being introduced in 38 countries simultaneously. Safety Toolkit will be rolled out over the next few weeks to riders, drivers and delivery partners using the app across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the company said.

Features being introduced include:

Emergency button: With the push of a button in the app, riders, drivers and delivery partners can connect directly to private emergency services and security response when needed through a third-party private security supplier.
Trusted contacts: Riders can now easily designate five friends or family members as “trusted contacts” and, with a single tap, share their trip information.

Safety centre: A new app-housed safety information hub where users can find information on some of the key existing safety tools in the app, including access to a 24/7 team, information on the driver and the car, trip GPS tracking and the rating and feedback system.

Speed alerts: A feature which reminds drivers and delivery partners to maintain a safe speed within the prescribed speed limits.

“These new safety features will be a phased roll-out and not all riders, drivers and delivery partners will have access to the features immediately,” Uber said.