Watch: Gold Reef City’s newest thrill ride opens

High Flying Maverick
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South African theme park, Gold Reef City, has announced the launch of its first-of-its-kind aeronautical ride – The High Flying Maverick – a 9/10 fear factor ride.

Adrenalin-junkies brave enough to push themselves to the limit will climb into the cockpit with three other fearless stunt pilots. Strapping themselves into their seats, a total of 24 thrill-seekers in six, four-seater cockpits will go through the pre-flight check with Gold Reef City Theme Park’s ground control, before experiencing the most exhilarating ride on the continent.

Combining thrilling motion and spectacular visual effects, The High Flying Maverick takes riders on an amazing journey which replicates the experiences and sensations of an acrobatic aeroplane flight, with banks, loops, dives and weightlessness that will test even the most experienced thrill seekers.

The action takes place up to 8m above the ground and ’pilots’ experience accelerations of up to 4G, right side up and upside down. As with all Gold Reef City Theme Park rides, safety is a key aspect of the experience, and Class 5 over-the-shoulder restraints incorporated into the seats allow riders 1.3m and taller to participate in this amazing ’flying’ experience.

But the ride is about more than the loops and dives – the visual impact of The High Flying Maverick takes it to the next level of thrill riding. The sheer speed, the independent movement of each arm and the impressive overall size of the structure makes it a true test of nerve and bravery.

The New High Flying Maverick Thrill Ride Experience:

As soon as the throttle is opened the plane wastes no time climbing to altitude. While ascending, passengers immediately start to pull a hard right, chasing the craft seen in front. Behind them is another aeroplane bearing down on their ‘six’ (otherwise known as your tail) and tailing the plane hard. This only means one thing, the pilot must take evasive manoeuvres.

The aircraft swings into a series of awesome barrel rolls, pushing everyone on-board to the extreme, with G-forces anywhere between +4g (according to the manufacturer, depending on the speed and momentum gained, that’s where the 4g is estimated) to -1,8g. Numerous outlandish moves are seamlessly executed in a sequence that would put pilots of the famous Red Arrow Aerobatic Team to shame.

If you’re brave enough to take a seat in the cockpit, get down to Gold Reef City from Wednesday 7 March and experience the sheer thrill of The High Flying Maverick for yourself.

The High Flying Maverick is exclusive to Thrill Rider ticket holders – R210 per person for full access to all rides and attractions in the park, and all riders must be 1.3m or taller.

Here’s a short clip on what you can expect from the new ride: