10 things to know about the Cableway Charity Challenge

Cableway Charity Challenge
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Entries for the 10th annual Cableway Charity Challenge are filling up fast ahead of the race day on Saturday, 21 April 2018 and in honour of the Challenge’s 10th anniversary, Table Mountain Cableway is looking at 10 things to know about this popular event.

Did you know?

1. The first Challenge was held in 2009
2.The first year’s winners with nine summits of Table Mountain each, were Sean Hutchinson, Pat Rich, Georg Schoenbaechler, Andrew Hagen and Tatum Prins.
3. In 2009, the first event had 57 entrants. In 2017 that number grew to 200!
4.The only online presence and advertising the Challenge had in 2009 was its website!
5.Loyal sponsors of the Challenge since 2009 include Table Mountain Cableway, TopCopy and Messaris.
6.Entrants of all ages have entered the Challenge over the years – the oldest being 70 years old, and the youngest only 10!
7.The person with the most laps over the past 10 years is AJ Calitz with 12 laps.
8.The event sold out in a mere 13 days in 2017.
9.In 2016, a total of 658 laps were completed in just 11 hours!
10.This year’s target for charity donations is R1 million, and a total of R447 100 has already been pledged by a number of companies and individuals.

Register for the Cableway Charity Challenge:

Sign up for the 2018 Cableway Charity Challenge at www.charitychallenge.co.za.