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Africa is a country…no it is not!


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Always expect the unexpected, or so the saying goes. While Africa is no longer some far off, wild wilderness to the world, there are still some bizarre beliefs held when it comes to this diverse and beautiful continent.

“Strange but true, there are still some people that believe that lions roam the streets freely, that Africa is a country where everyone knows each other,” says Natalie Tenzer-Silva, Director at Dana Tours in Mozambique.

While you’ve probably heard them all, we thought you might enjoy debunking some of these myths.

Cape Town and Zim in a day!

CountryFirst time visitors to Africa can get quite carried away and they want to make sure they see it all! Well, we cannot really blame them.

However, they do not always don’t understand that distances can be quite deceiving in Africa. And yes, while Africa is quite the magical place, if travellers want to combine Cape Town and Zimbabwe in one day, it may be time for that reality check. A trip between Cape Town and Zimbabwe can easily take at least 26 hours or more. Sure, you can fly, but that will still take out quite a few hours of your day and you will still not be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Do you speak African?

There is quite often the misconception that Africa is a country and everyone in Africa speaks African.

The truth, of course is that Africa is home to 54 different nations, more than 2,000 languages and four of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies.

There is no internet in Africa

While we can recommend some great spots that you can go and have a great digital detox experience, quite the opposite is true when it comes to internet connectivity in Africa.

We have it, we love it, we hate it (sometimes) and ultimately, we cannot live without it! So, if it is not a digital detox experience you are after, you will still be able to stay connected to the outside world.

Lions walk around in the streets

We can proudly say that lions and other great giants and fierce creatures can be found throughout Africa, roaming freely….in reserves and sanctuaries.

Even for African natives the sight of a lion and his pride strolling through suburbia would be quite a sight to see.

As far as experiences go, safaris are it!

We cannot deny, a safari in Africa is one of the best experiences to be had, however, it is simply not true that a safari is the beginning and end to an African experience.

Get your adrenaline and adventure fix in Africa. Jump head first on a bungee jump, or taunt the elements, as you embark upon a white-water rafting expedition or a helicopter flip over the Victoria Falls. Or, meander along Cape Town’s beautiful wine routes and indulge in the rich flavours of the Bo-Kaap cuisine, where you can partake in the most exciting cooking workshops. For a truly remarkable experience head to Uganda for gorilla experiences or swim in the ocean with the likes of Great White Sharks and even gigantic whale sharks and more.

Jeanette Briedenhann
Jeanette Briedenhann
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