Bon Hotels opens third property in Kruger National Park

Bon Hotels Kruger National Park
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Bon Hotels will be launching its third property, Buckler’s Africa Lodge by Bon Hotels in the Kruger National Park, set to open its doors on 1 October 2019.

The self-catering lodge boasts sixteen units including kitchenettes, bathrooms and air conditioning. 

Ranging from two to four-sleeper options, Buckler’s is ideal as a romantic retreat or family getaway. The lodge also boasts Halal certification, welcoming Muslim travellers from around the world. 

Since it is classified as ‘dry’, alcohol will not be sold on the property, but guests are welcome to bring along their preferred beverages for the duration of their stay. 

The property was acquired by Bon Hotels, a South-African based hotel company that manages and owns hotels, lodges and resorts throughout Southern Africa, as well as West and East Africa, now expanding their footprint into the Kruger National Park. 

“We are delighted to begin with the creation of a circuit of different lodge offerings into the Kruger National Park. This increased hospitality offering will do so much for tourism, the local stakeholders and the accessibility of this location. Ranging from traditional family units to luxury self-catering accommodation, we are excited to see the benefits of this venture not only for Bon Hotels, but for the people of the area working to make it a success,” says Charl van Wyk, Bon Hotel’s group commercial director.

Located close to the Crocodile Bridge Gate near the Kruger National Park, Buckler’s Africa Lodge by Bon Hotels is conveniently placed along the banks of the Crocodile River. 

“This dream has been one that we were highly anticipating to execute. We have cultivated our passion for the Kruger National Park area for years now and to be able to turn it into sustainable business and hospitality practices is something we are very proud of. We believe that these properties have the potential to provide a great return on investment. With Buckler’s Africa Lodge being certified Halal, we are able to expand our market offering to Muslim travellers from across the globe,” comments Nazir Akram, co-owner and spokesman.