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Nico Bezuidenhout, Chief Executive of Mango, today tendered his resignation as both CEO and Executive Director, to the Mango Board. He will be leaving Mango from 31 July 2016.

Nico said in a statement: “Mango has given me 10 years of awesome. There is no other way to describe the incredible business that it has become; not only commercially, but culturally. During my tenure at Mango every employee has become a member of an extended family. That is what Mango is and always will be about: The sum of an incredible collective that makes a successful whole.

“While I will take my leave from the airline to pursue further career opportunities, my passion and absolute belief in Mango’s past, current and ongoing success remains firm. Mango has enjoyed unparalleled success across all areas of the business, setting the pace in many instances in domestic aviation, for what is likely one of the most challenging industries.

“Mango is poised for continued excellence and the exceptional management team and employee body of the airline will ensure prosperity and industry leadership for decades to come.

At this juncture, I thank the Mango Board and its Chairperson Rashid Wally, the executive and management of Mango as well as every member of the Mango team, and most of all my family for your exceptional commitment and support. I look forward to seeing you write the next chapter.”

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