Commuting in Durban made easy with Kruze

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Commuting in and around Durban in KwaZulu Natal just became more convenient with the introduction of Kruze, a new taxi app available for commuters.

According to a statement by the company responsible for Kruze, the taxi app is different from the regular Uber and Taxify because instead of having their own fleet of cars, Kruze partners with taxi companies who will drive commuters to their destination. The idea behind the Kruze app was to have a safe reliable, licensed platform for reputable taxi companies to use under one umbrella.

Additionally, it also offers commuters advantages that they never had before e.g. credit card facilities and group marketing strategies. Kruze has partnered with metered taxi companies Mozzie Cabs and Zippy Cabs.

Paul Lishman said, “Our aim is to pool together all reliable, metered taxi companies to provide safe and secure taxi options’. According to Lishman, they have strict guidelines in terms of vehicle quality, driver training and permits to provide a safer option to owner driven taxis who mostly don’t have any of this in place.

In addition, to be a Kruze partner taxi, companies have strict guidelines to follow. They have strict guidelines because it is in the best interest of safety and security for every Kruze user. According to Kruze, they launched in KZN because the first two companies to partner with them were in the city but there are plans to expand to other cities.

How it works:

1. The system of requesting a taxi using Kruze is just like the method used to request for an Uber.

2. First you have to sign up as a rider with Kruze after which you will have the option of getting a fare estimate from you specified address to your destination.

3. You would then request for your cab and it will be dispatched to you.

4. Once you have requested for the cab, you will be introduced to the driver and provided with information like his name, license plate number and the company that he drives for.

5. After being taken to your destination, the trip will be ended by the driver you will be charged your taxi fair and asked to rate the overall service.

The app is different from ride-sharing apps because it offers a fixed price per kilometre, no matter the distance from the user’s pickup address and the payment is made within the app.

There is no surge pricing dictated by demand.

The app is available on both iOS and Android.