France launches new visa portal

Visa portal
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France has launched a new service to facilitate all international visa applications.

For more information or to register for visa application documents, individuals should log on to France-Visas, the official website for visas for France. Application forms can be submitted and tracked via the new page.

Applying for a French Visa will require four steps:

1. Visit
At, you’ll find information on visa requirements, where, when and how to apply. A breakdown of costs

2. Complete the Application Form
Visit to obtain all the information on the visa process and all the documents required for your visa application.

3. Book my appointment
Once individuals have completed all the steps on, they may then proceed to book an appointment via the link provided by

4. Collect my passport
Once the French Consulate has processed an application, it can deliver passports to a location of choice, or individuals may collect it at Capago International.

France-Visas is the sole portal providing all necessary information to guide travellers through their visa application, and to assist at each stage of the process (file preparation, submission, and follow-up of your application).

South African travellers should note that passports can continue to be dropped off and collected at a Capago office.

Once South African travellers have completed the registration process on France-Visas online, they will be redirected to the CAPAGO website to make an appointment for the submission of their visa application and the collection of biometric data.