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Face on a plane
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You’re not just a pretty face, are you? Do you have a face that reaches for the skies? And when you come face-to-face with fame, are you ready to enter the game?

Well, fame is staring you straight in the face. is calling on all the poker faces, funny faces, fresh faces, long faces and those who simply just want to be in your face to enter the Travel Hater Face on a Plane competition. The competition will have entrants facing off with other pretty faces to win a once in a lifetime opportunity to have their face on a plane.

So, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. Go online and enter now to be one of the six lucky famous faces who will get their face on one of the planes.

As part of each entry entrants will see a preview of just how fabulously crazy their face will look on the side of one of the airline’s plane’s. Entrants will also have a chance to share the video with their friends to challenge them to a face on a plane face-off.

But first you need to face the facts:
1. Visit
2. Fill in your deets and upload your best plane face to enter
3. Receive your own personlised video and share it with you family and friends
4. Challenge them to a face-off

Let’s face it, you are not just another pretty face. So, enter and come face-to-face with fame. We want your face on the side of our plane. Who wouldn’t?