Great gifts for the intrepid business traveller

Power bank
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If you have a loved one who’s a regular business traveller, Dawn Weir, head of kulula work has some ideas for clever gifts. And if you’re a business traveller yourself, why not treat yourself to something that will make life on the road easier in 2019 and beyond?

Cable organiser: rather than stuffing your laptop’s power-cables, chargers for your devices, and headphones, you can arrange them in neat, protective bags available in a range of sizes and designs. The more compact ones will hold your tablet or smartphone too.

Palm-sized projectors let you share presentations without having to carry heavier devices or worse, hope that the one at the presentation venue works. Many have built-in speakers and several hours of battery life. The RIF6 Cube for example is two inches square and weighs just ounces, slipping neatly into even modest laptop bags. Slightly bigger is the Optoma 750ST, which projects a 50-inch image from just 36 inches away. Its LED light source means no bulbs blowing at crucial moments.

Compact keyboards: while laptops are lighter and slimmer than ever, some business travellers opt to downsize even further, carrying a tablet that’s not much bigger than a smartphone. This can be paired by Bluetooth with a detachable keyboard and mouse, giving you full functionality. Smaller keyboards, made of silicone, can be rolled up and packed away, and enable typing on your smartphone.

Headphones: indispensable for workers or students with talkative peers, or just lovers of music, movies and audiobooks, headphones are also a way to focus the mind. You might choose to work while listening to a noise generator that plays ocean waves, coffee-shop ambience or rain on a tent, or to binaural beats that enable creativity and focus. Noise generators and binaural beats can also aid sleep, which can be especially useful in hotel rooms with noisy traffic, air-conditioning or guests.

Powerbanks provide backup for electronic devices, especially those with bigger screens that gobble up battery-life. Shop around though, advises Weir, as some of the smaller ones simply aren’t worth the money. Products offering a combination of battery pack, surge protector and charger are a good investment, and models like the Tripp Lite Traveler3 USB and the Belkin Travel Rockstar have proved popular with business travellers.

Smart luggage: the Pluggage range of smart suitcases by Delseyhav fingerprint ID to lock and unlock, interior lighting and speakers and USB chargers for your devices. It weighs itself and its GPS tracking tells you exactly where it is in the airport or aboard your flight.