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JOHANNESBURG, 19 OCTOBER 2023 – South Africa’s top vehicle manufacturers, as rated by the country’s vehicle rental and leasing companies, were honoured at this year’s SAVRALA Manufacturer of the Year (MOTY) awards, which were announced at a gala ceremony in Johannesburg today.

The 28th edition of the MOTY awards, organised by the Southern African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (SAVRALA), honours motor manufacturers for their outstanding service and support to members. These members collectively oversee approximately 400,000 vehicles annually through rental and leasing channels.

These awards are determined through two thorough surveys conducted with 37 car rental and leasing companies in South Africa. These surveys gauge their interactions with manufacturers they frequently deal with and whose vehicles are part of their fleets. The surveys encompass several key aspects of their operations, including communication and contact with manufacturers, support services, maintenance concerns, financial matters, and B-BBEE compliance.

The participating rental and leasing companies are required to involve all the relevant people who are knowledgeable about each criterion within their organisations to complete the various sections of the surveys.  This is to ensure that the results are not biased and can be used by the manufacturers to identify and rectify any pain points in their customer journey with the rental and leasing industries.

SAVRALA’s GM, Sandile Ntseoane, emphasised the role of a key partner of the MOTY awards.  “To recognise and acknowledge service excellence, SAVRALA continues to rely on its respected, most trusted, and independent partner, Lightstone. Their expertise in providing information, valuations, and solutions that enable better business decisions is instrumental in helping SAVRALA coordinate and administer the survey.”

Awards are made in the Rental category, Leasing category as well as combined Rental and Leasing performance. 

In the Rental category, Toyota moved into the top position for the first time in four years, leading second place Kia and last year’s winner, Isuzu, now in third.

The Leasing positions remained the same for the third consecutive year, with Isuzu taking top honours, followed by Volkswagen in second place and Toyota taking third place.

Considering all the challenges currently facing the automotive industry, these achievements are commendable.  Manufacturers had to walk a tight rope to remain operational in the prevailing tough economic conditions, locally and globally. Yet despite these challenges, the industry showed resilience in achieving the best Rental and Leasing industry scores achieved to date.

Rental Results for 2023

Toyota, the winner of the Rental category in 2018 and 2019, reclaimed the top spot in the Rental category in 2023 after securing second and third places in the years following their last victory in 2019.

Kia was awarded second place in the Rental category in 2023, which is only their second appearance among the top three Rental manufacturers.  Kia shared second place with Renault in 2019, but this year they have returned to their second position. 

The exceptional performances from Toyota and Kia moved the Rental winner of the last three years, Isuzu, into third position for 2023.

The Value award goes to the automotive member who has accumulated the highest total points in both the Financial and Rental sections. For the sixth consecutive year, Toyota has emerged as the winner.

The Tutuka award is given to the automotive member who scores the highest and supplies lower and niche vehicle volumes to the car rental industry. Mini has dominated this award by winning it for the fifth year in a row.

Leasing Results for 2023:

Isuzu continued their winning ways in the Leasing section and were awarded Gold in the Leasing category for the fourth consecutive year. Volkswagen held steady for their second position and Toyota took third, the same top three positions for Leasing for the last three years.

The Value award for the Manufacturer scoring the best for the Financial section on the Leasing survey was awarded to Isuzu, winning this award for the second time in the last three years.


Overall results for 2023:

The Rental and Leasing scores for qualifying manufacturers are combined to adjudicate an overall winner. This year’s Overall winner is Isuzu for the fourth consecutive year, with Toyota taking second position and Volkswagen completing the top three leader board positions.


Best Representative Awards for 2023

The rental and leasing companies nominate individuals for the best representative awards based on their performance and support during the year.  Geraldine Pillay from Isuzu and Jeanette Bossert from Nissan were voted the best Account Representatives in the Leasing section. The award for the best Account Representative in the Rental section was presented to Lebo Lekalakala, representing Toyota.

The winner of the best Technical Representative award in the Rental section is Lufuno Nephawe from Toyota, with Lebo Mabowa from Volkswagen voted the best Technical Representative in the Leasing section.

Congratulations to all the award winners! We believe that your commitment to excellence will inspire others in the industry and help raise the standards even higher.



SAVRALA is the trade body for companies engaged in the leasing and rental of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Founded in the 1970s, SAVRALA represents South Africa’s combined vehicle rental, leasing and fleet management industries. SAVRALA is the representative voice of Southern Africa’s vehicle rental, leasing and fleet management industries. It has a combined membership base of over 38 of South Africa’s top rental and leasing companies representing approximately 600 000 vehicles.

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