Ker & Downey® Africa collaborates with African Parks

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Ker & Downey Africa is collaborating with African Parks, a conservation NGO that manages 15 protected areas across Africa.

In a letter issued by Lee Kelsall, CEO, Ker & Downey Africa it said that African Parks’ pioneering public-private partnership model seeks to advance the long term financial, social and ecological sustainability of some of the continent’s most spectacular landscapes – from the deserts of Zakouma and Ennedi (Chad) to the wetlands of Liuwa and Bangweulu (Zambia) to the forests of Odzala (Congo), and the beaches of Bazaruto (Mozambique) – to name a few. It’s a model that has a track record of success and has attracted the support and attention from governments, philanthropists and those in the conservation sector.

He added that tourism provides significant revenue for critical and ongoing park operations including law enforcement, wildlife conservation, and local communities. “Ker & Downey Africa’s trips to African Parks properties contribute to this conservation success story. We seek to provide expedition experiences that go beyond tourism for those travelers that want to understand the complexities and challenges involved in conservation. By aligning conservation and tourism efforts, we can together help protect and restore African wildlife and wilderness in perpetuity,” said Kelsall.

Ker & Downey Africa offers bespoke expeditions designed to highlight the contemporary conservation work of African Parks and attract individuals with a strong interest in funding the conservation of African wildlife and its communities. Travel with us to join a conscientious and forward thinking global community of conservation supporters.
If you are interested in joining us on a journey to one of African Parks’ unique and extraordinary destinations for a once in a lifetime conservation expedition, please contact us. We look forward to offering you this incredible opportunity to join the African Parks’ community.