KLM launches new meal service

Meal service
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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is launching a new meal service for Business Class passengers on its KLM Cityhopper (KLC) flights from its forthcoming winter schedule onwards starting 28 October 2018.

The new meals are both more substantial and varied. They will be served in the Europe Business Class (EBC) Box.

More choice based on more individual elements

More individual elements have been added to the meal box. For example, granola and jam are now served separately to the yoghurt, and dressing and nuts separately to the salads, enabling customers themselves to determine how they would like to put their meals together.

Sustainable products

Until noon, our customers will receive a box containing a breakfast with fresh fruit and cold cuts consisting of cheese and meat with a hot roll. During the rest of the day, the EBC Box will contain a salad and side dishes including a slice of apple pie, for example. All of the products will be sustainable, and produce from local suppliers will be used as far as possible. The meat and eggs will carry “Beter Leven” certification and all products containing fish will bear the MSC stamp of approval. The cardboard used for the boxes will also be sustainable and recyclable.

Choice & control service on six flights

On KLC’s six longest flights (Cagliari, Helsinki, Ibiza, Porto, Split and Valencia), Business Class passengers themselves will be able to determine the time when they would like to eat. KLC thus meets the needs of its customers to have more control and choice. In addition to the meal box, customers will be able to enjoy a second service: a Dutch croquette snack or a spinach-and-feta pastry.

Luxurious look & feel and more refined format

Not only have the contents and look & feel of the meal box been revitalised, but the format has also been adjusted providing more space for something to drink, for example. The luxury box now also fits onto the tray table of the Embraer even better. This is a big plus point since KLC’s fleet now consist exclusively of Embraers. With 49 Embraer E-Jets, 32 E190s and 17 E175s, KLC now operates the biggest E-Jet fleet in Europe.

KLM has the ambition of being Europe’s most successful, customer-centric, innovative and efficient network carrier. This means creating memorable experiences for customers on the ground and in the air by pursuing the “Moving Your World” approach. KLC’s new meal concept contributes towards achieving this ambition.