Major UK Safari industry research data made available

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For the first time, Kamageo is making the findings of the annual MARIFA report available to tourism boards who are not existing Kamageo clients. Now in its third year, MARIFA (the swahili word for knowledge) is a comprehensive 360-degree study of the UK Africa travel market, providing a ‘moment-in-time’ usage and attitude study of all key sub-Saharan destinations within Africa. It is believed to be the only analysis of its type and is normally made available exclusively to Kamageo partners.The report includes :

* Full analysis of Tour operator product offering by destination (assessing 187 websites and 60+ brochures)

* Full analysis of UK Media coverage of Africa (positive tourism coverage in all UK titles)

* Consumer Usage & Attitude towards African destinations (250+ respondents from an on-going panel)

Kamageo’s Chief Executive, Tim Henshall explained “For the last three years, we have monitored trends and changes within the UK market. Some of the findings have proved truly enlightening and have certainly impacted on marketing strategies for Uganda, Zambia, Malawi and Swaziland who we represent here in the UK”.

Kamageo is offering access to MARIFA 2018 at Indaba, where Tim will attend on behalf of Kamageo. “I will be happy to share the data with African tourist boards and tourism ministries, to help them gain a greater understanding of the UK market”. To organise a meeting, contact Becca Kerry via