Maldives SOE: No impact on travellers

Maldives SOE
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Tourism stakeholders in the Maldives have confirmed that the recently announced State of Emergency in that country has not had any impact on travellers.

Despite the announcement this week that a State of Emergency would be imposed, the Maldivian Ministry of Tourism confirms that all tourism- and travel-related businesses will be operating as usual and the situation in the Maldives remains stable.

The State of Emergency does not force any restrictions on travelling to the Maldives or within the Maldives. All international airports including Velana International Airport and all domestic airports, tourist resorts, tourist hotels, tourist guest houses, tourist accommodating vessels and marinas are in full operation.

International and domestic flights, sea plane operations and all modes of transport are in operation.

“The safety and security of travellers heading to the Maldives is our greatest concern and we will continue to monitor the situation and provide details on whether it remains safe for South Africans to travel to this popular destination,” explains Carlos Luis, Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) Supplier Relationship Leader.

“We are told by our local partners on the ground that restrictions are within Male Island, which is some distance from the airport. Resorts and holiday facilities are thus unaffected.”

This comes as the popularity of Maldives among South Africans are at an all-time high, explains Luis. Maldivian Airlines has also recently announced plans to launch a weekly flight between OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg and Maldives.