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Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe is set to unveil its latest tourism attraction at the end of May – a new snake park.

The attraction forms part of a rescue operation for endangered snake species around the country and will offer activities including guided tours and information sessions which will educate guests on the species found in the park.

Snake species at the park include the red-tailed boas, rattle snakes, tiger snakes, black and green mamba, puff adders and anacondas.

Manager Peter Mwembe said “We are waiting for a permit from the National Parks and Wildlife Authority. Everything is ready and we are hopeful that we will open by month end.” He added that the snake park will be a wonderful source of enjoyment and relaxation for locals and foreign visitors who are fascinated by wild exotic and indigenous snakes.

The snake park will be located close to the railway line in the CBD, where construction work is already in progress.


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