New project to bring Seychelles’ Aldabra Atoll to visitors

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By 2020 visitors to the Seychelles may be able to catch a glimpse of Aldabra Atoll, one of the world’s largest atolls and one of Seychelles’ UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as a proposed project is moving into its final design stages for submission to the local planning authority.

Aldabra Atoll consists of a group of islands in the western Indian Ocean and is home to a population of endemic giant Aldabra tortoises.

The project called ‘Aldabra House’, once complete, will allow visitors the opportunity to experience Aldabra in an interactive and immersive way. Aldabra House will also highlight global environmental issues, contextualizing them locally. Currently plans are in place set up Aldabra House on the eastern coast of Mahe, within the lagoon at Roche Caiman, located between the reclaimed Eden Island and Providence.

The project coordinator, Christina Quanz, told Seychelles News Agency (SNA) that ‘Aldabra House’ aims to inspire everyone with the natural wonders of Aldabra Atoll and engage Seychellois and global citizenry towards making lifestyle changes for a better future for all.

Expected to open in 2020, ‘Aldabra House’ has been raised to a project of national importance after it was approved by the government.

“Aldabra is the flagship of Seychelles internationally acclaimed conservation efforts. However, it has always been lacking an appropriate platform to showcase the work and research of international importance,” Quanz told SNA.

She added that the remote access visitor centre is designed to become this platform. In addition, it will provide for an active interaction of conservation, research, community, history, arts, education and outreach for people from all walks of life.

Visitors to the centre will be able to experience Aldabra and its wildlife with the help of multimedia technologies.

“Emphasis will also be put on the underwater world and visitors will have the chance to virtually dive under the sea and soar like a bird over Aldabra,” said Quanz.