New requirements for trips to Robben Island

Robben Island
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Effective immediately, all travellers booked for trips to Robben Island must provide identification when purchasing tickets.

Proof of identification can consist of identification documents (ID), passport, birth certificate, drivers licence or certified copies thereof, and are verified when clients check in for their trip.

According to Robben Island Museum the new requirement forms part of an ongoing endeavour to provide guests with the best possible service, and is aligned to best practices and auditing requirements.

Tourists to the island must also have their tickets and identification handy at all times to be checked before and after they board a ferry.

However, according the the South African Tourism Services Association (SATSA) this newly implemented process (without any prior warning) is both time consuming for operators and difficult to manage with the impending high season. SATSA said that it will be looking to engage with the museum to find a workable solution for all those affected.