One-stop border post introduced between Uganda and Kenya

border post
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The presidents of Uganda and Kenya this past weekend commissioned the Busia One Stop (OSBP) Border Post effectively adding a major exit point between the two East African countries.

Speaking at the launch, President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, rooted for tighter security at the post to stop criminal elements, while Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on his part stressed the need for improved trade between the neighboring countries.

“Promoting trade between us as countries in the East African region is our role as leaders. It’s going to be easier now that we have this Busia One Stop Border Post,” said Kenyatta.

According to the Martin Saka the acting Commissioner General of Uganda Revenue Authority, the Busis OSBP will bring together all government agencies from Uganda and Kenya under one roof to complete all entry and exit formalities for both passengers and cargo.

He said the OSBP seeks to ensure faster border clearance and limited duplication of border agency interventions.

Saka added that it will also facilitate freedom of movement of persons and goods across the East African countriea and reduce the cost of doing business.

The Busia OSBP is the second busiest entry point in Uganda and is situated approximately 200km from the Uganda capital Kampala and 431km from Kenya capital Nairobi.

The OSBP handles transit traffic to and from the Great Lakes region countries of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, DRc and South Sudan

It is among the 13 border posts in the East African region that have been converted from ‘two-stop’ border posts into single premises entity or OSBPs.

The other OSBPs are Namanga, Taveta/Holili, Lunga Lunga/Hororo and Isebania/Sirari on the Kenya-Tanzania border, Malaba on the Kenya-Uganda border as well as Moyale on the Ethiopia-Kenya border.

Others are Mutukula, Rusumo, Nemba-Gasenyi, Ruhwa, Mirama Hills/Kagitumba and Kobero-Kabanga.