SNPA creating official list of Seychelles hiking trails

Hiking trails
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The Seychelles National Park Authority (SNPA) is currently compiling an assessment of a tentative list of 15 hiking trails that will fall under its management, the Seychelles News Agency reports.

Selby Remy, the chief executive of the authority, was quoted as saying that an assessment needs to be done first in order to know the feasibility and the real cost of maintenance.

“We have told the Cabinet that we will start with this tentative list of trails and conduct an assessment of all those trails and then, depending on the decisions, these will be endorsed as the official list of trails,” said Remy.

He added that there is actually no official list of trails available and hence everyone, including those in the tourism industry, has their own idea of what is a trail.

“If we cannot establish a list of trails that need to be managed we will have a real problem since some of what certain people consider as trails are just old footpaths but people are using them and they are slowly gaining the status of trails,” Remy said.

The authority currently manages nine trails — Trois Frères, Copolia, Anse Major, Mare aux Cochons, Dan Gala, Morne Blanc, Salazie, Casse Dent and Glacis Noire on Praslin — and oversees several others. It costs the authority $221,000 (SCR3 million) to manage these trails.

“Nature trails bring a lot of economic value for the country. A lot of private businesses are getting revenue through nature trails by bringing tourists to these places. Hence, the more nature trails that are identified to be maintained, the more enticing it will be for holidaymakers,” said Remy.

The islands of Seychelles in the western Indian Ocean are well-known for their tropical beauty. While many visitors prefer to enjoy the sun and white sandy beaches, the more adventurous enjoy discovering the environment and wilder side of the islands which they can experience on the nature trails.

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