Strange things people have brought to the airport

Strange things
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Whether or not you are a frequent traveller, we all know there are certain items you should never consider bringing to an airport.

However, for reasons unknown, every now and again, there is the discovery of odd, bizarre or frowned upon items.

An alarm clock or is it?


If your phone’s alarm is not enough to wake you up, you can always pack another – as long as it does not look like a bomb.

In 2015, a teenager travelling through a Canadian airport caused quite the commotion when he decided to carry with him a dynamite bomb-shaped alarm clock with a ticking timer positioned on the front.

Perhaps what was even more bizarre is that the teen tried to walk through the screening area of airport with it packed in his carry-on.

If onboard catering just is not good enough

meat slicer

We all have our opinions, whether good or bad, when it comes to airline food. However, no matter how much you would prefer a slice of salami instead of the airline offering, it is never a good idea to pack a meat slicer in your carry-on.

The US Transportation Security Administration once discovered a meat slicer in a passenger’s carry-on. Unfortunately, no reasons were provided as to why the passenger needed his or her trusty meat cleaver with them. As a general rule of thumb however: if it has sharp edges, blades and can ultimately cause harm to yourself and others, it is not allowed in your carry-on.

Aim and shoot

On a diving excursion to an old shipwreck, a diver discovered an old cannonball. For lovers of historic artefacts, this is of course a great keepsake, however, not if you decide to check it into your luggage.

The man soon found out as security control deemed it to be dangerous and possibly explosive, so they had to evacuate about 300 passengers to make sure everyone was safe.

Need an iPhone?


In 2014, airport security in China made quite an interesting discovery when one traveller set off a metal detector.

Upon a body search, they found the man had a total of 94 iPhones strapped to his body, which he apparently planned to sell.

Creepy crawlies

From live spiders to dead snakes and even tropical fish. Yes, these have all been discovered by airport security.

In 2005, in Melbourne International Airport, a security officer noticed some strange movements on a woman’s skirt. He decided to have her inspected, and it turned out that she was trying to smuggle 51 tropical fish hidden under her skirt.

At Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, a bag was once confiscated from a German couple, containing no less than 200 rare tarantulas the couple wanted to take home from their trip to South America.

Snakes on a plane? Well, perhaps it is not too farfetched. In 2007 at Atlanta International Airport a man coming from South Korea checked in a suitcase with jars and bottles stuffed with dead venomous snakes.

Staying faithful

While not illegal, another odd discovery was made at an airport when a female passenger was stopped when passing through the metal detector, for actually wearing a chastity belt.

It turns out that she was wearing it on a solo trip as a fidelity guarantee for her husband.