Amenities do matter!

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According to a consumer survey commissioned by Airbnb*, an overwhelming 97 per cent of US travellers surveyed say amenities impact their travel experience. And while accommodations have the highest impact on vacation quality, amenities come in second for US travellers, ranked ahead of shopping/dining, location, culture, and family/friends. But for Brazil, India, Italy and Mexico, amenities reign first.

Functionality first

As for the most important traits travelers look for in an amenity? The majority of the countries surveyed rate functionality first, like a coffee maker or a full set of wine glasses, with strong showings in Australia (57%), China (46%) and the US (43%), and thoughtfulness second, like a bottle of wine, a bicycle to get around town, or a beach bag already packed with everything needed for a day in the sun.

Comfort over connectivity

In today’s world of being constantly connected, it was a surprise to find modern vacationers value comfort over connectivity, with the majority of those surveyed in the US (59%), Australia (46%) and Italy (39%) citing air conditioning as one of the most important indoor amenities over internet/wifi and full kitchens.

Pools, parking, pets

Everyone loves the luxury and look of a beautiful pool, but perks like free parking, and pet-friendly rise to the top too. The majority of countries surveyed rated pools a top amenity but people in the US, Australia and Canada prefer free parking. And pet-loving travelers appreciate the ability to bring along their most trusted companions with 29% prioritizing pet-friendly as an important amenity.