ASATA Welcomes reopening of International travel for South African travellers

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The Association of Southern African Travel Agents (ASATA) welcomes the announcement today by Government that South Africans can travel internationally to all countries, under certain travel conditions.

“We see some logistical challenges, such as travel insurance and visa requirements, but are very encouraged to hear that the South African Government has given the green light to travellers based in South Africa to travel for any reason they wish to anywhere in the world,” says Otto de Vries, CEO ASATA.

Otto de Vries, CEO ASATA.

A ministerial briefing today confirmed that South African travellers would be free to travel anywhere, even high-risk destinations.

“If protocols are applied diligently throughout the travel value chain, there would be no reason to restrict travel to or from certain destinations,” says de Vries.

The successful reopening of intra-provincial and then interprovincial travel has positioned travel as both safe and normal, and South Africans have started to travel, as demonstrated by occupancy rates across South Africa over the Heritage Day long weekend. ASATA members have also reported a spike in interest in outbound travel.

To mark the reopening of international travel, ASATA launches its  ‘Back to Travel’ campaign in October, which aims to highlight the role that travel experts and advisors play in ensuring South Africans can travel with confidence again.

“Now more than ever, travellers need an expert in their corner to help them navigate testing and visa requirements, as well as departure and arrival protocols. Entrusting their travel arrangements in the capable hands of a travel company that is accredited with ASATA will ensure they have access to up-to-date information and can travel with peace of mind,” concludes de Vries.