ATC strike: Ethiopian airspace is safe

Ethiopian airspace
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Ethiopian Airlines Group has reassured its passengers that Ethiopian Airspace remains “very safe and highly secured” even after the illegal strike of the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Air Traffic Controllers.

Since August 21, when the illegal strike started, Ethiopian Airlines has been working in close coordination with the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority and the volunteer air traffic controllers, ATC instructors and ATC controllers that it brought from other sister African countries.

It is successfully supporting the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority to enable the latter to efficiently and safely manage the Ethiopian airspace in line with global standards.

As a result, all Ethiopian Airlines scheduled and unscheduled flights and other airlines operating to/from Ethiopia have been operating smoothly with high standards of flight punctuality and safety.

“We would like to inform all our customers that we did not have any flight delay or cancellation caused by ATC. In fact, we are happy to announce that taxi-in, taxi-out and flight arrivals efficiency has improved significantly in the week under ATC strike.

“We take this opportunity to thank the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority management, the volunteer
ATC experts and all other stakeholders for the successful coordination, which enabled our country to
continue business as usual in our airspace management.