Direct flights between Kenya and US on the cards

Direct Flight
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Direct flights between Kenya and the US could soon be on the cards as Kenya has officially been granted Category 1 Status by the US Government.

The granting of this status means that airline operators, both in Kenya and the US, will now be allowed to launch direct flights between the two countries. Previously, all airline operators from Kenya had to travel through a third country before they could access US airspace.

Kenya’s leading carrier, Kenya Airways, and US-based Delta Air Lines have both previously expressed interest in flying directly from Kenya to the US.

Transport Principal Secretary Irungu Nyakera was quoted in local Kenyan newspapers as saying that if Kenya Airways wants to launch direct flights to the US, the airline will be required to apply for an Air Operator Certificate from the US government.

Asked when Kenyans should expect the flights between Kenya and the US to start, Nyakera said: “There are certain processes, including technical compliance and commercial arrangements that need to be met.