Ethiopia hints at visa-free entry for all Africans

visa-free entry
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Ethiopia may soon open up its border to African citizens, as new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed hinted at visa-free entry into the country last week.

The announcement follows Rwanda’s decision allowing Africans to enter the country without visas. The issuance of visa-on-arrival for all countries was widely applauded by many across the continent.Speaking during a state banquet for Paul Kagame last Friday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Ethiopia will follow Rwanda’s example very soon. Kagame was in Ethiopia for a three-day official visit.

“The President invited all Africans to travel to Rwanda without visas, we will follow you very soon,” the Prime Minister said.

While he did not provide specific details of the visa-free plan, the move will open up Ethiopia to African visitors, and ease the free movement of African nationals.

According to Ahmed, allowing African citizens visa free entry into the country will further open it up to African visitors and help boost the country’s tourism potential and in the long run its economy.