From 25 to 28 October, the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF), will again conduct its Election Period Operating Procedure (EPOP) safety programme to ensure the safety of visitors to the country during the re-election period.

EPOP consists of a safety programme to ensure the safeguarding of visitors in a pre, during and post elections capacity, ensuring that visitors to the country are safe and well informed.

Through EPOP, KTF lays out a countrywide communication network using strategically positioned observation and control vehicles. These units are fitted with mobile High Frequency (HF) and Very High Frequency (VHF) radios and their key objective is to closely monitor all activity at selected tourism circuits and key tourist routes. The units then report any concerns to the KTF Safety Centres in Nairobi and Mombasa, which in turn disseminates up to date information to all operators who are subscribed to the Network. The communication network therefore acts as an “Early Warning System” to alert the tourism industry of any disturbances that would adversely affect tourist operations in a particular sector.

The warnings are also accompanied by recommended remedial actions that should be taken to ensure client safety.

In a letter issued to KTF members, KTF Chairman Mohammed Hersi said that while tourist activities continued without incident during the election of 8 August, the Kenya Wildlife Services and Tourist Police Unit will again conduct a fresh EPOP programme later this month.

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Jeanette Philips

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