Madagascar plague outbreak: Seychelles introduces passengers screening measures

passenger screening
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Following the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) announcement of an outbreak of plague in Madagascar, which has led to the death of one Seychelles’ national, the Seychelles Ministry of Health has implemented precautionary measures to combat the possible spread of the disease within its borders.

In a statement issued by the ministry it said that the Seychelles operates three direct flights to Madagascar on a weekly basis, and according to International Health Regulations it has implemented passenger screening measures at all points of entry, effective immediately.

A health check form has been re-introduced and will be require completion by all arriving passengers and crew in the Seychelles. These forms will be made available to specific airline representatives that are bringing passengers from Madagascar to the Seychelles, whether they are disembarking or transiting. These forms will then be checked by public health officials upon disembarkation in the Seychelles prior to proceeding to immigration.

In order to prevent any delays, passengers and crew should ensure the detailed completion of these forms before disembarking.